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We like many kinds of music, and here in these pages, we will provide links to albums, singles, and artist profiles. We begin with Glenn Diamond (Modern Country), Pappy Jones (Jazz), and Hans Dorfmann (New Age). It is also important to let you know that we produced these albums and singles, and that they were all composed by yours truly, Vegas Vic. But we are not limiting these pages to only those items. As soon as we attract other artists to these pages, we will also feature them and their music. If you know such an artist, or if you are the artist yourself, please contact us, and we will review the material for inclusion. The contact information appears on our Insider News pages. 


Glenn Diamond - Modern Country

Glenn Diamond: Dream a Little Dream


Glenn Diamond: Whiskey Sunsets and Tequila Sunrise


Glenn Diamond: Song of the Road


Glenn Diamond: Riders On the Wind


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       Pappy Jones Jazz

Pappy Jones: Saxy Dreams


Pappy Jones: Sultry Sax (Instrumental Melodies, Vol. 3)


Pappy Jones: Golden Horn: Variations On Trumpet


Pappy Jones: Swinging Vibes(Instrumental Melodies, Vol. 1)


Pappy Jones: Swinging Vibes Two(Instrumental Melodies, Vol. 2)


Pappy Jones: Reflections: Variations on Lead Guitar (Instrumental Melodies, Vol. 4)


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Hans Dorfmann - New Age

Hans Dorfmann: Voyage to the Stars


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