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Keno is a misunderstood game. Hugely popular among people who play it, but largely unknown by others. It’s probably the simplest casino game there is – but one with a HUGE profit potential.

What is Keno?

It’s kind of like a Lottery – but better. If you know how to play Powerball, or Mega Millions, for example, then you already know how to play basic Live Keno. You pick anywhere from 1-to-10 numbers, sometimes even up to 16, or even 20, pay the fee – usually $1, but it can be less – and then you wait to see what you win.

Live Keno games take about 10 minutes in between games. That’s a lot faster than the 2-times per week for the Lottery. So right there and then you already have one advantage. Another advantage are the odds. In the Lottery, you are usually facing something like 292,000,000-to-1 odds of winning. But in Keno, it’s a lot lower. Some games are around 7,500-to-1, to win $1,000 with a $1 bet. Not too bad. Other tickets are less, or more, depending on the way to mark them, and how you play them.

And that’s the other advantage of Casino Keno – you can play differently from the Lottery. In Keno, you can mark “way” tickets, and “groups”, and play “split-rate” tickets, and “multi-race” tickets, and so on – some for as little as 5-cents per way. And the pays can be HUGE! Many times in the hundreds of dollars, and often in the thousands. OK, so not the $1.5 Billion like in Powerball – but then again you’re not bucking odds in the hundreds-of-millions-to-1 against, right?

Plus, Keno can also be played as a Video Game – and in many configurations. Not only as a traditional “spot Keno” game, but also as “Four Card Keno”, “Multi-Card Keno”, and many other variations – and all of these Video Keno games can be played for as little as 1-penny per card.

Smart players know where the money is in the casino! And on many occasions, the “smart” money is in Keno. So next time you’re in Las Vegas, try it. Some of the best Keno games can be found at these casinos:

Gold Coast, Arizona Charlie’s, The D, the California, the Fremont, El Cortez, The Orleans, Excalibur, Treasure Island, Sam’s Town, Jerry’s Nugget, and Station Casinos everywhere. And Video Keno is available in just about every casino in Las Vegas – and most casinos everywhere.

For great details on how to play both Live Keno, and Video Keno, check out the book: Powerful Profits from Keno, now updated with the latest details and available as an eBook everywhere, or at this link at Amazon: Powerful Profit from Keno




As the seasons change, so it does here in Las Vegas - but inside the casinos the temperature is always pleasant - and the action always HOT.

There are LOTS of great deals on tap in Las Vegas, from casino games, to great rooms at huge discounts, great restaurants at prices to feed every possible budget, to nightclubs and special events. Be it Downtown, or on the Strip, or in the wonderful off-Strip and "local's" casinos, the games are always good and the action GREAT!

New slots are always being added to the casino floor, new casinos opening, the pools are open, and table games are loaded with chips to be had and carried home. Las Vegas now even has the world's largest Ferris Wheel! It's located in the new Linq Project, next to the Linq Casino and Hotel on the East side of the Las Vegas Strip. 

Casinos are offering great deals on rooms, food, and everything else. Now is the perfect time to book your great deal. 

How do you find these great deals?

Great Casino Deals!

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Did You Know?

Did you know what spot on the Las Vegas Strip offers $3 well drinks? Which celebrity chef offers a complete dinner for under $50? Or that the 99 cent shrimp cocktail returned to Las Vegas this past summer? Want to know where?

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