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Catching a Cab at the Airport in Las Vegas

by Victor "Vegas Vic" Royer

Many people arriving in Las Vegas catch a cab from the airport. To avoid looking like a tourist, and being taken for a ride, tell the cabbie to take you to the casino directly, and NOT to take you through the airport tunnel. That’s a long-haul trick by cabbies, and adds almost $20 to your fare for no reason. Just tell the driver to take Swenson to Tropicana, and from there either to the casino by Paradise Road, the Strip, or hop on the freeway from Tropicana instead of the airport tunnel turnaround. This is the shortcut, and costs a lot less!

Happy traveling!

Getting to and from the Airport in Las Vegas

If you live in Las Vegas, one of the first things you learn is the hassle at the airport. Not just going there, like to pick up friends or family visiting, but also when you have to go somewhere. Traffic is always bad, the airport is congested beyond belief, and the remote parking lots are – well – remote. Very remote. As in “you’ll need a plane just to get from your car to the airport to catch your other plane.” And the busses? Good luck trying to find one. You’ll be waiting longer than it takes you to walk to where you’re flying. So, what to do? Here’s a tip I use when I have to fly:  MORE

Casino Review – The Silverton, Las Vegas

By our Guest Reporter: John Skater (

The Silverton Hotel and Casino, formerly known as Boomtown, is located at 3333 Blue Diamond Road, just off the I-15 Interstate in Las Vegas. Featuring 90,000 sq. ft. of casino gaming space, 2,000 slots and 32 table games, the Silverton is a wonderful escape from what has become a very crowded Strip. While only a few minutes from the Strip, the Silverton is a world of friendly escape – but still with plenty of action. We asked our Guest Reporter, John Skater, to visit the Silverton recently, and give us his review. Here is his report …. MORE

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