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Best Casino Bonus on the Net

Looking for the Best casino bonus deals on the net can help motivate a lot of people to play. Some people might be interested in trying out a lot of the best new games in the online casino world. However, many people are not willing to spare the financial resources in the process, or they might be concerned about doing so. Being able to play over 700 online casino games is an exciting prospect, but it might prove to be somewhat intimidating for the people who are wary of spending a certain amount of money on online casino games. The best casino bonus deals on the net can make all the difference for them.

The Red Flush Online Casino is one of the most well-equipped of all of the online casinos that people are going to be able to find. People can play over 700 online casino games there, which is more than they would be able to play at the majority of individual online casinos today. Naturally, the Red Flush Online Casino manages to stand out in terms of the cash bonuses and the promotions that it offers. People will be able to go to the page advertising the promotional offers and the latest deals, and they should manage to find deals that are so great they manage to make people feel as if they could play over 700 online casino games.

May of the best casino bonus deals on the net are going to be the welcome bonus deals. These are some of the best casino bonus deals in particular due to the fact that most of them are actually guaranteed for the people who sign up with casinos like the Red Flush Online Casino. People are not going to have to press their luck or hope that their fortunes are going to be favorable: they can simply rest assured that if they sign up with the given online casino gaming websites, they will be able to secure these welcome bonuses. The Red Flush Online Casino in particular will offer people one thousand dollars or euros free, in addition to one hundred free spins. People are going to know that they will get a bonus like this, which makes it worth so much more than a good portion of the other promotions that they will find.

However, some of the other best casino deals on the net are also going to carry a certain degree of certainty. People really like the Wheel of Fortune II promotion because of the strong likelihood that they are actually going to win the prizes that are advertised. Plenty of people enjoy gambling because of the thrilling possibility that they are going to be able to get a huge prize. Other people really do have their eyes on the prizes, and they want to increase the odds of actually getting awarded those prizes. There are casino deals and bonuses that are going to appeal to people on both sides of the spectrum in that regard, which is one of the strengths of the online casino world.

Who Says You Can't Win in the Casino?
ATLANTIC CITY - Blackjack whiz Don Johnson scorched Tropicana Casino and Resort for $2 million in October, adding to the $15 million he had previously won in Atlantic City during an incredible streak of good luck.

Johnson was not the only gambler who scored big last month. Figures released Thursday by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement showed that casino table games revenue plunged nearly 17 percent industrywide in October, while slot machines were down 4 percent.

Overall, the 11 casino hotels posted $261.7 million in revenue, a decline of 8 percent compared with $284 million in October 2010. Atlantic City's wobbly gaming industry has suffered 38 straight months of revenue declines.

October's figures were remarkable for the casinos' awful luck at the table games. In other words, gamblers beat the house this time around.

Johnson disclosed that he won $2 million at Tropicana's blackjack tables. His story was confirmed by Tropicana Chief Executive Officer Tony Rodio after Johnson spoke to The Press of Atlantic City.

"I went back in and did very well," Johnson, of Bensalem, Pa., said of his haul.

Johnson, now an international celebrity dubbed the "Beast of Blackjack," became famous after he beat three Atlantic City casinos out of a total of $15.1 million from last December to April. His April winnings included $5.8 million during a 12-hour gambling spree at Tropicana. He hit it big again at Tropicana in October. His exploits were the main reason Tropicana's table games revenue plummeted 57 percent for the month. Rodio said another Tropicana table games player won close to $1 million in October. The gambler's name was not revealed.

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Where Are The Best Paying Slots?

I have just returned from the Global Gaming Congress and Expo, know as G2E, which is the gaming convention held each year in Las Vegas. At this convention, which is not open to the public, the casino equipment manufacturers showcase all of their exciting new products, and slots. There were many new and great casino slots shown this year, and I will write more about them in upcomning columns. In the meantime, log on to my show “Great Casino Slots” at and you can see episodes of some of them. New episodes will be added soon. Check out also my Casino Insider News pages, Gaming Insider pages, and Casino Insider Videos pages on my web site:

In this article, I want to tell you where to find the Best Paying Slots, by State. These are percentages of Average Paybacks for those slots by denomination, as they are reported by the regulatory agencies in each State. These figures are public information, so you too can request them directly from each of the regulatory agencies in each of these States. Here, we have complied them for you in a easy-to-read and view Guide, so that you can see at a glance where you can find the best paying slots. To read MORE and see the Guide, here are the links:

For the Best Penny Slots, click HERE ~~ For the Best Quarter Slots, click HERE ~~ For the Best Dollar Slots, click HERE

For the Best Multi-Denominational Slots, click HERE

Are Slots Really Random?

I have been writing a column on casino games, and slots, for the past 32 years, in continuous publication nationally, and Internationally. Over these many years, I have received hudreds of letters from readers from all over the world. And, over these same many years, it seems that the Number 1 question I am always asked is: “Are Slots truly random?”  Shortly followed by something like this: “What is the RNG? Is there really any such thing?” -- MORE

Secrets of Blackjack – Part One

Over 40 million visitors come to Las Vegas each year.  Just about all of them will either play Blackjack themselves, or know someone in their group, or among their friends, who does play, or will play Blackjack.  That’s a lot of Blackjack players.  Most of them think it’s an easy game, and to a point they’re right … BUT – there is a big difference between “thinking it’s easy” and “making it easy”.  As the saying goes: “Gambling is a tough way to make an easy living.”  Blackjack looks easy, and can be, but it is not.  If you play well, it can be beat.  Even today, with all the tricks the casinos use to get your money.  So, what are these tricks?  And, how should you play?  What does it all mean? You’re in the right place …. Read on  … MORE

Secrets of Blackjack – Part Two

Continuing on from Part One – What are the two really bad things that are now being done to the game of Blackjack? Those that eat your money? Those that cost you money? Those that make the game really, really BAD? This time it’s not the players who are playing badly, but the casinos. What are they doing? Read on … … MORE

Secrets of Blackjack – Part Three

Continuing on from Part Two – What are shuffling machines and why are they bad for Blackjack? Are all shuffling machines really bad? Yes, and no. Here’s why … MORE

Insider Secrets of Keno

If I were to ask you:  Which is the best casino slot machine of all time?  Would you answer:  Video Keno?  Probably not. It’s a sad fact that most people just don’t understand this game, or realize how good it is.  It’s a very misunderstood game, not only by players, but also by the manufacturers of slot machines, and even the casinos themselves.  What’s the secret? Let me tell you … MORE

Insider Secrets of Keno – Part Two

Ever since my book on Keno was first published in 2004, I have corresponded with enthusiastic keno players from all over the world, and many parts of the United States. In particular, with the rise of video slot machines, quite a large number traditional slot players have become interested in video keno – which is also my personal favorite game to play. I am glad to have so many converts to this great game, which – when played well – can indeed be quite profitable. To advance this discussion, here in this article, and in subsequent parts, I have included some Questions & Answers from my most recent correspondence with a few fans of video keno. As I am often fond of saying: “There’s gold in them thar keno numbers, pardner!” Here’s the story:  … MORE

Insider Secrets of Keno – Part Three

This article is a continuation of the discussion we began in Secrets of Keno – Part Two. Here’s the story:  … MORE

The Big Fix – Or Is It?

Are slot machines “fixed”? Are they “rigged”? Are casinos actively doing underhanded things to their slot machines in order to defraud their players? Is this possible? Here’s the story … MORE

Best Places to Play in Las Vegas

I am often asked: Which are the best place to play in Las Vegas? It’s a simple question, but one to which there is no simple answer. You see, as with all things in gambling – it depends. It depends mostly on money. What is your budget? How much did you bring with you? How much of that are you allocating to gambling? What do you hope to accomplish – pure entertainment, or gambling to win? And much more, of course. These are not simple questions to answer. But, there is a way …  MORE

Casino Safety Tip – Restroom

If you’re a man in Las Vegas, you’re probably spending your time at the Craps table, Blackjack, Poker, and maybe sometime slots – but perhaps more so at the Sports Book. In any case, this tip is for you. It’s called: Restroom Rumble. Want to know what it is, and why it can cost you all your money? Here’s the story …. MORE

Casino Safety Tip – For Women

It  is a fact that most ladies who come to Las Vegas like to play slots. I love slots, and I play them a lot, so I know why this is such a great game for you – and for me. As a man, I have pockets, and so I have places to put stuff. Ladies, however, usually carry a purse, or a bag. But when you are at the slots – what do you do with that bag? -- MORE

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