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About Us was created by a team of Vegas Insiders led by Victor "Vegas Vic" Royer.  Victor H. Royer -- that's how his name appears in all of the great Vegas information books -- is a true Vegas insider who has published more than 50 books, most of which are about slot machines, table games, poker and casino life and times. He is an expert's expert and has served as a consultant to Vegas businesses. He knows. He knows the secrets, the tricks, the bargains, the deals, and the inside information that can make your Vegas experience better.  Victor H. Royer has been featured on TV shows across the the country and has been seen in TV presentations around the world. He has been quoted in major media and his instructional videos have helped many casino visitors win more and get a better gamble in Vegas and in casinos around the world.

Alan Mendelson, one of our reporters, is the host of The Best Buys TV Show on TV stations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and is the publisher of with consumer information.

And then there are our Vegas Insiders.  And that's all we're going to tell you about them for now because if we told you who they were our pipeline to casino deals could be cut off faster than you can say "barred," "blacklisted," or "backroomed."

Victor H. Royer, Managing Editor -- 

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