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Appeal to a Time Traveler

In the event that Time Travel becomes possible at some point in the future – meaning “future” relative to my time at the writing of this appeal, which is August 21, 2017 – I ask that the Time Traveler correct an error in the timeline as it relates to my Mom and me, and her unnecessary and untimely death.

What happened was not supposed to have happened the way it did, in this timeline. I am aware of a different timeline, in which she lives another 4 years, and when she finally dies, it is in my arms, and knowing that she’s loved, and that her life was meaningful and successful, and that she did well, and achieved great things despite so many tragedies and hardships along the way.

She should not die the way she did. That it completely unfair, and that’s why I am asking you, the Time Traveler, to correct this, and restore the proper timeline where these events do not occur as they did, and that, therefore, she does not suffer as she did, and does not die as she did.

The effect of your intervention will impact only my Mom and myself. No one else will be affected, and nothing else will change. While I understand that changing major events - such as those that would cause a global or catastrophic change to the entire world and everything in it (such as stopping WW II, for example) - minor events like helping me change those small events that will prevent my Mom from dying are not of such catastrophic kind. This tiny change to the fabric of space-time will affect only me and my Mom, and nothing else, and no one else. In fact, no one will even know that this happened - except for you and me. The outcome is that what will happen to reality is that it will simply change around me – and only I will know that there had been a different history and events pertaining to me and my Mom. Nothing else will be impacted by your intervention.

The effect will simply be that those events that happened relative to her death will now not have happened. So – the boxes of her things that I brought to my apartment will now not be there, because she did not die, and therefore there wasn’t that reason for me to pack them and bring them here. And so on – her apartment will now be back to the way it was, instead of being in the process of liquidation, and so on.

These changes in relative time-space-history will only impact these events – those that are particular to only me and my Mom. Whatever preceding history in this new timeline there may have been – those months and/or years in my current timeline that will have elapsed for my reality between my Mom’s death and “now” – whenever that “now” may be relative to when you, the Time Traveler, can affect this change – those I will not, of course, remember – but this can be learned. I can “discover” for myself what had been done “differently” in that time-space of “in between”.

And so the point remains that all else will be the same – except that my Mom will still be alive now, here, in this time-space, here, today, or tomorrow, as that is relative to my time-space coordinates at the time of this writing, and for whatever time-space there shall elapse since, before you are able to effect this change.

And in case you are wondering about a possible Paradox, I have written about this before, here on my web site – and this link:

As this applies to this current appeal, the paradox may seem to be like this:

Since it was my Mom’s death that causes me to here write this appeal, then if my requested correction to the timeline is made, then she does not die, and, therefore, how could I be making this appeal?

This is the same kind of paradox which was illustrated quite well in the remake of the film “The Time Machine.”

But the argument for such a paradox of time travel presupposes that there is only one time-line, and that there is only one time-space – meaning only one universe and only one “time”.

The apparent paradox is easily solved with the concept of Parallel space-time. Simply put, when you – the Time Traveler – can effect the changes in “my space-time universe”, that intervention will – at the point of that intervention – simply create a divergent reality, in which my Mom is still alive, and only I know that there had once been a “different reality.”

Therefore, there is no paradox, even though I am making this appeal “now” and “today” and in “my current space-time universe” – meaning this one, at the time-and-space of this writing – in that “reality” in which my Mom had died.

But after your intervention in “my space-time universe time-line” – that “current reality” no longer exists, because at that point of your intervention a “divergent reality” had occurred – one where my Mom is still alive.

And so I will – at that instant – now be living in that divergent reality, while everyone else has not been affected at all, and therefore the entire space-time divergent universe which now so exists had become a parallel reality to that other one, from which – by your intervention – only I and my Mom had “moved.”

And this is why there is no danger in doing this for me, and for this appeal. Nothing else will become affected, because only I and my Mom will have “moved” from the “current” reality to the “newly divergent” reality, where those “other events” – those that precipitated my Mom’s death – simply did not happen.

So – now that this has been explained, let me provide you with a few “key events” which, if changed, will result in my Mom still being alive “today” in my “now-new” space-time time-line:

Event One

In late 2013 – sometime in September, October, or November – and I can’t remember the exact dates or time, but these can be found by you when you can move through time and, therefore, be able to check and witness these events in a matter of moments, instead of weeks. That was the time shortly after our friend visited us in her apartment in West Hollywood, California.

After our friend left to go back home, later – and on that fateful day – my Mom had taken a package meant for me to the UPS Store on Sunset Boulevard – the one that’s closest to the intersection of Sunset and Fairfax, and opposite the Chevron Gas Station on the next corner.

When she finished at the UPS Store, she came out, and the handyman at the apartment building where she lived, Ruben, offered to give her a ride home in his pickup truck. But she refused, saying that she’ll take the Bus instead.

It was this decision that precipitated the entire chain of events that eventually lead to her death.

When that Bus arrived at the bus-stop at the corner of Fairfax and Willoughby in West Hollywood, my Mom tripped and fell off the Bus, and onto the pavement. She fractured her pelvis in 9 places, had a fracture of her right tibia, and a crack on the head. Several good samaritans helped her, and took her back home, to her apartment, where she tried to heal herself, as she had done so often in the past.

She did not tell me what happened to her until some 9 days later, when her pain and condition became so severe that she needed emergency help. She then went to Cedars-Sinai Hospital ER, where she was immediately taken to the ICU, and there she recovered. From there she went to another floor at the Hospital for additional recovery, and from there to a Nursing Home, where she stayed for several weeks, and then, finally, in about late November, or early December, back home.

So – if you can prevent her either taking that Bus, by having her take the ride with Ruben, or by being there at the Bus Stop and preventing her from falling out of the Bus and onto the pavement, which caused her those injuries, then this will alter the entire chain of events, and will prevent her from deteriorating as she had, and, therefore, she will still be strong and healthy, and, consequently, still alive “today” in “my current space-time.”

Event Two

This is probably the more crucial event, and one for which I have the exact date. This event took place on January 24, 2014. On this day, my Mom had a follow-up appointment scheduled with a Cedars-Sinai doctor on Robertson Drive, in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

Through the JFS (Jewish Family Services) in West Hollywood, we arranged for a driver to take her to that appointment on that day, in the morning. His name was David, and he botched the job so badly that it caused my Mom irreparable damage, from which she subsequently never recovered. This is probably the most key event that caused her so much decline, and so much pain and suffering.

Before this day, she had recovered remarkably from her fall from the Bus, and her injuries. She was already walking without help, and without the need for a cane or a walker. She was wonderful, and happy, and had such remarkable recuperative abilities that it was staggering.

But we all thought that the follow-up appointment was important, since it had been scheduled by the Cedars-Sinai doctors after she was discharged, following that fall from the Bus. So, I arranged for the driver, David, and all seemed to go well.

Except – David didn’t do the job properly. He drove her to the wrong building, where she had to wait for a long time, standing without support, while he was looking for a parking spot. Then he took her to the top floor of the wrong tower, and then they had to go back down, and then she had to walk across a long foot-bridge to the other tower, where she then had to stand for another long time, leaning on a commercial trash bin, while David was trying to find out where to go.

All in all, she had to stand for more than an hour – about an hour and a half or so – and that caused her enormous complications. And, by the time she got to the window to talk to the receptionist about seeing the Doctor, that receptionist was not only very rude to her, but she snapped: “You can’t see the Doctor because your Insurance was canceled!”

This devastated my Mom more than anyone could have imagined. And now she had to walk back again, to the other tower, across the foot-bridge, and then stand there, waiting, while David went to find his car. By the time she got home she was a wreck, physically, psychologically and emotionally – and she never recovered from it.

I later found out that her medical insurance was canceled by a government mistake, but it took two years for me to fix it, and get it all back, and restored. And we never got our money back, either – but more importantly, the effect of what had here happened totally crushed the spirit out of the lovely human being that is my Mom. She never got better after that.

So – if you can prevent this from happening, this will be the key to her recovery, well-being, happiness, and, consequently, she will still be alive “today” and here in my “current space-time.”

You can effect this in a number of ways:

Call my Mom the day before, or a few days before, and pretend to be from Cedars-Sinai, and simply cancel the appointment for January 24, 2014. Say that the Doctor won’t be there, and that “You will receive a letter to reschedule”. Tell her that she is recovering well, and therefore there is no great rush, but that she will be contacted later, by mail, to reschedule.

You can also call my-then-self, at that point in time, and tell me the same thing. You can also email me at that point in time, and tell my-then-self that her appointment is really not necessary, but that we will get a letter later. You can phone her, and me, and email me, several days before that appointment. It doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that my Mom NEVER goes to that appointment on January 24, 2014.

Also tell my-then-self that the leg compression machine she needs can be bought from a catalogue – the Healthy Living catalogue, Item #086626 – and to search for it online, and not rely on the doctors to supply it.

Alternatively, you can also intervene directly on that day. Simply prevent David, the driver, from coming to take my Mom to that appointment. Let the air out of his tires before he comes to my Mom’s. Remove the distributor cap, so that his car won’t start. Something like that – anything – that will prevent him from coming to pick up my Mom on that day. If he misses her pick-up, then she will miss her appointment on that day, and then she will think better of it later, and we will never again reschedule it.

This one event – if prevented from happening – will absolutely change everything in her life, and she will never thereafter suffer as she did, and so none of those subsequent events will happen. The outcome will be that she’ll still be alive “today”, here in my current “space-time.”

Event Three

On April 24, or April 25, 2017 – call me, or email me, and tell my-then-self that my Mom cannot be sent to the Country Villas Nursing Home on Overland Avenue, and that she must go to Sharon Care on 3rd Street, in Los Angeles.

Pretend to be a Social Worker at Cedars-Sinai, and say that Ashley, the other Social Worker there couldn’t call me about this, but that Sharon Care is better, because it’s closer, and that if my Mom has another emergency, she’ll only be a short distance away from Cedars-Sinai ER, and that this is a much better option than to send her all the way to West Los Angeles.

It is the Nursing Home on Overland Avenue in West Los Angeles where my Mom will die on April 28th – and so this one simple intervention will prevent that from happening.

You can also email my-then-self, and tell me that my Mom’s situation is critical, and that she needs my help, that she’s my only family member, and that, therefore, I need to be there for her, and help her recover at home.

Tell my-then-self to stop being angry, and be compassionate. Tell my-then-self that she needs me, and that I need to care for her so she can recover, and continue living. Also tell my-then-self that the leg compression machine she needs can be bought from a catalogue – the Healthy Living catalogue, Item #086626 – and to search for it online, and not rely on the doctors at Cedars-Sinai, or the Nursing Home, to supply it.

All of this will help kick my butt, and get me to understand that what’s happening to my Mom is different from all the other times, and that, therefore, will force my-then-self to take action to prevent the circumstances that caused her death just three days later.

Alternatively, if you cannot somehow motivate my-then-self to do these things, then be at the nursing home that Friday, April 28, 2017, between 8 AM and 11:45 AM, and see to it that the Nurses there take care of my Mom’s needs, and get her the respiration and oxygen she needs, help her with the bathroom, get her the compression machine for her swollen arms, and get her the medical help and attention she requires. Even to the point where you call for the Ambulance and have her sent back to the Cedars-Sinai ER, instead of that hell-hole which they call the Culver City Hospital ER – where she should have never been sent.

Any one of these actions will help save her life, and, therefore, she will now be alive and here with me, still living in “my current space-time.”

Event Four

Finally – if for any reason any of these actions which I am requesting cannot be done, then come to visit me here – “now” – in my current space-time, and talk to me about it.

We can work out a solution, even if that means you taking my present-self back in time to these events, and have me intervene directly. Or whatever other means we can discuss. And even if – for reasons which you will explain to me – we cannot change this time-line, then at least take me back to visit with my Mom, so I can tell her what I wanted to, but never got the chance.

And so – dear Time Traveler – this is my request. If you can do it, please do. I don’t care what it costs me, in terms of a different time-line or different history, or different space-time, or whatever. All I want is that my Mom will not have to suffer the fate she did, so that I can then give her the remaining years to which she was entitled, and make for her the happiness which she so truly deserves.

Thank you.

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