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Great Casino Deals

This is the page where we post our Great Casino Deals. From time to time we find wonderful deals in casinos in Las Vegas, and elsewhere, which are worthy of a special page. These often include videos, or photos, and also links to more information. If you have any questions, or if you are a casino manager or operator and would like to include your great deals on this page, please contact us directly at: 

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New Locations for Win Cards - Free Money!

You can now get Win Cards at Circus Circus, Mandalay Bay, and New York New York in Las Vegas. Tell them Vegas Vic sent you.

Watch these pages for new videos soon, and more Great Casino Deals.


Win Cards at the New Tropicana - Hurry - Offer Ends Soon!

We recently visited the New Tropicana Casino Resort in Las Vegas, and found two Great Casino Deals.

One is the Win Card Program, which gives you Free Money with which to play Blackjack, Craps or Roulette, while also showing you how to make the best decisions, and explains the odds and pays on these great traditional casino table games.

The second is the Trop's Trop Plus Player's Club, where you can sign up for Free, and the New Tropicana then offers you up to $200 cash back in free play reimbursement for any casino loss up to that amount. Free Money! That's what makes both of these Great Casino Deals for sure!

Here are some videos which show and explain them both:

Win Cards at the New Tropicana - Part 1 Win Cards at the New Tropicana - Part 2

For more information about the Win Card Program, please visit the these links:

The New Tropicana: Win Cards:

These Great Deals on Win Cards at the Tropicana will end soon. Hurry now, and get your Free Money while it lasts! And when you visit the Tropicana, tell them you want the Win Cards! If they don't have them, ask that they get them back.



Great Casino Destinations and Great Casino Restaurants

As Part of our expanding program of new and exciting information, we have also created a new Video Series about Great Casino Desstinations, and Great Casino Restaurants. The first episodes are posted on this page. Additional episodes - as we expand this show - will be posted later, and on related pages, with links provided here. 

In keeping with our recent visit to the New Tropicana Las Vegas, we have created a quick profile of all the wonderful new features of this completely new and remodeled casino destination resort:

   Great Casino Destinations

For more information please visit us at:

Las Vegas Live TV

Great Casino Restaurants

For more information please visit us at:

Las Vegas Live TV

Insider Secrets of Keno

If I were to ask you:  Which is the best casino slot machine of all time?  Would you answer:  Video Keno?  Probably not. It’s a sad fact that most people just don’t understand this game, or realize how good it is.  It’s a very misunderstood game, not only by players, but also by the manufacturers of slot machines, and even the casinos themselves.  What’s the secret? Let me tell you … MORE

Insider Secrets of Keno – Part Two

Ever since my book on Keno was first published in 2004 - now updated in 2014 and re-released as an eBook - I have corresponded with enthusiastic keno players from all over the world, and many parts of the United States. In particular, with the rise of video slot machines, quite a large number traditional slot players have become interested in video keno – which is also my personal favorite game to play. I am glad to have so many converts to this great game, which – when played well – can indeed be quite profitable. To advance this discussion, here in this article, and in subsequent parts, I have included some Questions & Answers from my most recent correspondence with a few fans of video keno. As I am often fond of saying: “There’s gold in them thar keno numbers, pardner!” Here’s the story:  … MORE

Insider Secrets of Keno – Part Three

This article is a continuation of the discussion we began in Secrets of Keno – Part Two. Here’s the story:  … MORE

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